Endor Trooper: Creating the Vest
Using Lightweight Material

Sewing Skill Level: Intermediate

First, I have to commend my fellow Rebel Trooper, Eric Moody, because without his research I never would have been able to complete an accurate pattern. I no longer have the pattern but you can join the Endor Bunker Yahoo! Group for this and other Endor Trooper patterns.

The best material for this piece is a heavier, bottom-weight material (like is used to make jackets and pants). However I found a bolt of a good color in a lighter material and this tutorial shows the process for making it "heavy" enough by doubling the amount of fabric used.

Once the pieces are cut, take the pocket parts and fold down the upper edge about 1/2 inch. Sew the fold down.

Attach each pocket to the front of each side piece, making sure the wide part is on the outside edge.

Sew the shoulder and side seams. Now you have two beginnings of the vest; one will be the "lining" while the one with the pockets will be the outside part.
Now sew them together at the neckline, right sides together.
Then sew the fronts together and clip the curves in the neckline.
Turn the vest right side out and top stitch around the neck and front edges.



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