Endor Trooper: Creating the Soft Helmet

Sewing Skill Level: Intermediate

This project is intended to create a replica of the World War II AN-H-15 summer flight helmet. The originals are getting scarce and are, in my opinion, historical memorbilia that should be saved from being cut up and converted to a costume. This is also a less expensive alternate since the original helmets sell for well over $100. Download the helmet pattern here: AN-H-15 Helmet Pattern and download the pattern for the strap and side pieces here: AN-H-15 Strap/Side Pieces.

The material I used for these helmets is a duck cloth or rodeo cloth, which are a heavy cotton. You only need about one-half yard, but you will need at least two packages of tan/khaki bias tape to complete the helmet.

The pieces include the two center top pieces, the side pieces, and the two flaps. There is also a bill piece but that is attached separately to the hard helmet.

The pattern is sized for an average head (approximately 22-23 inches). To size the pattern for a larger or smaller head, simply add or subtract one-quarter inch.

Sew the two top center pieces together and clip the curves so it will lay flat.
Press the seam.
Pin and sew each side piece; be sure to match front to back according to the pattern.
Clip seams and press edges.



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