Endor Camo Painting Tutorial - Non-Hero Trooper

Many thanks to Lesley "BrieKalan" for the tips.

Items requiring paint:

  • Duster/Butcher coat/Lab coat
  • Snow jacket
  • Pants

For the regular troopers, the jacket and duster are tan with the camo design painted over it. If the jacket/duster is white (very common), then simply use a washing machine safe dye to color it tan before applying the camo.

Be sure the items are 100% cotton or the coloring will not hold.

The fabric paint used is called Color Master and can be found at most hobby or craft stores. It will be in the locked area with other spray paints. Or you can purchase it online.

The colors used for the standard Trooper are:

  • Moss Green
  • Holiday Green
  • Hunter Green
  • Basil
  • Olive Bright

If you are painting more than one item you might get 2 cans of the Moss Green as it is used the most for the camo.

Spray in this order:

  • Moss Green (heavy)
  • Holiday Green (light)
  • Hunter Green (light)
  • Basil (heavy...primary color)
  • Olive Bright (medium)

This duster was dyed tan before the painting began.

The first color used is Moss Green


Now the Holiday Green:

And then the Hunter Green.

You can see how little Holiday Green and Hunter Green are used

Here, this is how it looks after the Basil has been put on and then spraying on the Olive Bright.

After all is said and done it looks great, these colors paint on bright but dry a little dull, are washable, and don't fade much. It will require a touch-up after a few washes.